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Floating Point FX specializes in all things LiDAR and 3D. We develop our own in-house software tools to make our pipeline extremely efficient and cost effective. Our large R&D department is devoted to developing new and better ways to produce high quality 3D content and data using LiDAR datasets. We also utilize LiDAR scanners for producing high-resolution environment scans and models, as well as for real-time 3D scene capture. We have a diverse team and years of experience working with LiDAR technologies, and our knowledge of the hardware enables us to utilize multiple scanning technologies to achieve the best results. Tapping into both our engineering and creative sides, we have developed our technology to tackle the challenges we find in both large scale 3D infrastructure projects and visual effects applications. At FPFX, the wide range of services we provide, from LiDAR scanning to 3D Modeling to 3D Real-Time Scene Capture, allows us to offer our clients complete solutions for their visualization, modeling, and analysis needs. 


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