PORTER lets you access all of your geospatial data anytime, anywhere. Store all of your data on a local server or in the cloud. Utilizing Floating Point’s compression technologies, PORTER is able to deliver large amounts of image and point cloud data to your workstation, web browser, or tablet device. Data can be accessed on demand by location or by user assigned datasets. PORTER also manages login accounts and security access to sensitive datasets.  PORTER frees up the costly process of managing an internal IT department to handle the terabytes of point cloud and image data that is required of large geospatial projects. 


  • Centralized Cloud and Local Server Storage and Processing.
  • Stream full resolution images and point clouds anywhere.
  • Server side and local side processing of datasets.
  • Manage projects, users and tasks.
  • Lossless VEC compression of datasets to improve streaming capabilities.
  • Easily pull images or LiDAR in standardized formats to hand off to third party applications.
  • Seamless integration with Floating Point STOUT.