Floating Point FX specializes in utilizing LiDAR scanners for producing high-resolution environment scans and models. We develop our own in-house software tools to make our pipeline extremely efficient and cost effective. At FPFX, the wide range of services we provide, from LiDAR scanning to 3D Modeling to custom software development, allows us to offer our clients complete solutions for their needs.

3D Scanning

Floating Point FX understands the integration of CG and live action elements requires a high degree of accurate and dense measurements Completing measurements by hand can take a great deal of time and money. We provide accurate, high quality 3D scanning in a multitude of environments, with no limit to the environmental scale. We can easily scan small interior spaces as well as extremely large city or landscape environments.

We use a variety of stationary and mobile scanners to produce complete environments in full RGB color with little to no shadowing. Using our proprietary software KRATOS, we can deliver aligned and processed scan data within one day depending on the complexity of the scale and scene.


  • Pre-visualization
  • Shot Planning
  • Equipment Logistics
  • Set Design
  • Spatial Mapping & Set Management

Custom Software

Floating Point STOUT is our flagship software tool for providing advanced asset and measurement extraction as well as innovative meshing and visualization capabilities. With the ability to integrate with industry standard formats as well as advanced inputs such as the Maverick’s system, STOUT is able to meet of all your data processing needs.

Floating Point STOUT provides a wide array of built in tools analyzing scan data. We also pride ourselves on being able to quickly and reliably add custom tool support and development to our clients and to expand our user base.


Advanced Visualization

Dynamically loads data as needed around focus. STOUT scales to handle billions of data points and millions of images with ease. Meshes are dynamically loaded as well to enable large scale environment visualization.

Advanced Meshing and Texturing Tools

Accurately visualize an environment by meshing and directly mapping all acquired image data. STOUT's multithreaded architecture allows for fast processing and scales performance on a per system basis. Mesh visualization allows for very accurate environment reconstruction.

Automatic Asset Extraction

Asset extraction is made simple with our innovative extraction tools. Extracting thousands of measurements of a trench is as simple as selecting where you want to start and stop. Assets can be analyzed locally or exported to a variety of standards.

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