Collecting data is just the first step on the road to the finished product. While the market offers a variety of options to collect your data, there are less options available for how you use it, and often they are proprietary to a certain data format. Floating Point remedies this situation by offering software that works with most major 3D formats.

Floating Point offers one of the most powerful and flexible data processing and visualization tools available on the market–STOUT. Built on our existing 3D meshing technology, STOUT delivers amazing point cloud performance and advanced mesh rendering techniques.

Your data is only valuable if you can access it. Anywhere. Anytime. That's why we offer a cloud-based software package to ensure you can use your data no matter where you are. Our PORTER software provides access to your data through any popular web browser.

Every client, every project, and every deliverable is different. We offer custom development options for our major software applications to ensure you are able to access and deliver your data exactly how you need it.